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Sally Odgers came up with this idea, and I signed up for it, not only because Sally O is a great friend, writer and editor, but because I hadn’t had anything published in a while, and I wanted another book on my shelf...

If I could get my name out there a few more times, get another publishing credit to my name, and be included with other bigger names in the project, my chances of getting something of my own published, would hopefully grow.

So I signed up for a few of these projects that Sally is doing, and I have had the opportunity to write madly, let my imagination run wild, and make giving Christmas presents at the same time easier...

This story has a dedication in it to my nieces, and uses their names so that they could have a book out with their names in it. But obviously its all fictional...

But I have another 3 nieces and a nephew - so the others will have to wait their turns for their names to come up in another book... (And thank goodness Sally O had just the project lined up for the next story...)

These are the actual charms which Sally Odgers sent me for the story. They were stuck up on my monitor for months while I collected pictures and drilled my sister-in-law Amanda Jane Bayford, who is a ballet teacher for phrases and positions and she had no clue why!

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Cry of the Firebird
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Charms Volume 3: The Music Box
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