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An Epic saga exploring the violence and traditions of rural Africa. 


Scott Decker and Zol Ndhlovu are partners in a private game ranch in Zimbabwe. They have a friendship borne from Africa — a brotherhood that endures the generation gap — and crosses the colour barrier.


Australian Ashley Twine is a thirty-something dynamic achiever and a confident businesswoman. When a gender mix-up secures her a position on a volunteer program in the Hwange National Park, Ashley gets a chance to take stock of her life and reassess her situation. But the chauvinistic Scott — who runs the operation — is adamant she isn’t cut out for the job.


After Ashley witnesses firsthand the devastation left behind by poachers, Scott finds himself torn between wanting to protect Ashley or force her to leave Africa for her own safety…and his sanity. However, nothing can prepare her for being ambushed and held captive by the psychopathic Rodney — an old enemy of Zol’s — from a war fought years ago. But now that their world has been threatened, circumstances take hold of their lives and begin to shape and change them forever.


Set against a magnificent backdrop of Africa across the decades, T.M. Clark explores and challenges the traditions between the white and black families of rural Africa.

“You can smell the dust of Africa, feel her pain, and marvel at her incredible beauty in this sprawling tale.”

~ Tony Park - International Author

Cry of the Firebird
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Published by:

Wilde Press




Originally published by Mira, Harlequin Australia

My Brother-But-One

A personal insight and date line into the journey of My Brother-But-One

Brother-But-One -(Working tiles included: Singita, White, Renegade, African Love Song & Africa Liaisons.)This is 130 000 word mainstream contemporary novel with romantic elements ~ An African Saga and took 10 years to become the book it is.


This is a journey by an Australian woman, who volunteers for a wildlife rescue program during a drought in Zimbabwe. She falls in love with both the rancher and Africa. This is her story as she begins to comprehend how the lives of the Decker family intertwine with the Ndhlovu family, that they are co-dependent on each other - and Africa. 


Started sometime between 2001 - 2003 as a Blaze category romance - targeting Harlequin USA.

RWA competition entry record I have for this is in 2005..then named: African Love Song...

2006 - Year of the Novel (Run by Queensland Writers Centre with Lousie Cusack) - rewrote the end half of this book. 

March 2007: Got my rejection from Donald Maass - upsetting, but constructive as he told me what to fix. Thank you Mr Maass! Now just have to fit in doing it.

August: Pitched to Berkley, USA - they requested first 100 pages and synopsis.... wish me luck!

December/Jan 2009: Sent this to an agent in Sydney. Waiting on her thoughts.

April : Still waiting...

June - still waiting..

August - heard back from Sydney agent - its a no... But I pitched this in Washington RWA and have a full request!

November: Still on my desk - its next in line after the Blaze.

January - Doing edits - yeah!

Feb, March, April, May  - still busy edits edits 

July 2010 - Did 5DI - awesome - now to rewrite the parts that need it and tighten.

August 2010 - Jan 2011- working on editing.

February 2011 - Finish edits for Singita (down to last 100 pages...)

May 2012 - Came 6th in 2012 STALI, Came 10th in RWA Emerald - ST - 2012.

June 2012 - Got my edits back from my fabulous writing friend Robyn Grady ...guess this isn’t ready to go just yet. 

August 2012 - Pitched to St Martins USA, 3 chapter and synopsis requested... but had this weird talk in the elevator with Haylee from Mira, Australia. She requested a full request for her...

September 2012 - Its a gonner - to the publishers and to the agents ...hold thumbs!

February 12th - SOLD to Mira, Australia!!!! WAHOOOO!!!!!

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