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Quickly! Quickly!

Bongani has grown a little, but has accepted that he is still too small to attend school just yet. But when he has to help protect the crops from animals, he decides he needs a better plan. He needs to catch a crow! With the help of his grandma, he learns how to be quick and cunning enough to catch a crow. Working together, the pair try and catch a crow.

Like before in Slowly! Slowly!, Bongani is learning new things. Having grown since the first picture book, Bongani continues to teach children different and important values as well as show them a beautiful glimpse of African culture and stories. With good teamwork and the willingness to listen and learn from those around him, Bongani pursues his goal.

Quickly! Quickly! is a perfect picture book for exposing young readers to the benefits of teamwork and listening to the knowledge that others possess, as well encouraging them to develop an interest or some knowledge about other cultures, and learn how we interact with animals in different spaces and places.

Quickly! Quickly!

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