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Song of the Starlings

Winner of the 2022 Claymore Award Best Action Adventure


South African ex-security contractor Chrystal Booysen has officially retired to her family game stud farm after her last mission took a dark turn.


American private investigator Rowan Zackery is hired to rescue Australian corruption-fighting magnate Curtis Wilson’s daughter.


But Rowan is out of his depth in Africa, and he needs Chrystal’s expertise. The longer Akina is missing, the greater the likelihood of her being dead. And Rowan doesn’t want to find yet another body…


Is it possible that Mother Stella-Rose, Chrystal’s estranged Childhood friend, might be involved somehow in the disappearance of the children?


As they chase the elusive trail, can they save Akina, or will they be too late?

Song of the Starlings

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