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Recently widowed Rodger de Longe feels lost. He fears that he’s losing his bond with his daughters, Peta and Courtney. He’s a man of the bush, and coping with ‘girlie feelings’ was always Helene’s department, not his. 

When an orphaned baby elephant is found, Rodger sees an opportunity that might help him reconnect with his children. But saving the elephant will go against the normal conservation methods he’s familiar with and it will require a new approach in an attempt to save the baby and reintroduce it in to a wild herd.

Cry of the Firebird
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Published by:


Wilde Press

Contemporary General fiction - Novella


The Avoidable Orphan

A personal insight:


This story was part of an anthology put together by Robyn Grady, and featured Robyn GradySara HantzMel TeshcoTabitha Robbins and me. I agreed to write this novella because we were all friends, and it was a chance in a million to be with them in a book.. we are all so different in our genres... and what fun I had writing this novella. 


CHRISTMAS ASSORTMENT BOX: Holiday stories for everyone!

Cowboys, Babies, Family, Steamy Romance and Edgy Young Adult

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