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Flower Farmer

These are concept photographs only to show you a little about flower farming.

And the farmers of the Gladiolas (Jannie and Greg Carstens) whom I approached for this story are only too happy to have us come out with a professional photographer and do proper photos for the book. The little boy in this is their son, and I stared this concept 3 years ago - he is now in preschool this year ...time flies...( This farmer also grows chrysanthemums in hothouses - but I did a video and didn’t do pictures of the hothouses used.)

I thought perhaps more than one type of flower could be used, so I also visited a gerbera farm, they too were happy for me to return. This is more the hot house flowers apposed to the outdoor gladiola growing with the tractors and major dirt and hand cutting etc of the gladiola.

Hot house grown flowers:Gerbera’s.

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